Side Sealing Machines

What Are Side Sealing Machines?

Automatic Side sealing machines are a type of shrink wrapper that use a mechanical arm to trim and heat shrink film around products. They are a great option for high-volume packaging operations due to fast packing times.

Our Shrink Bundling Machine Range

About BVM Brunner

Our supplier, BVM Brunner, is a German packaging machine manufacturer with a world-class reputation for offering the best machines on the market. These machines have long life spans, offer fully automatic package changeovers, are extremely reliable, and provide superior performance to other machines on the market. These systems can also store up to 100 different recipes which allow for extremely quick changeover times from package to package.

Long Life Spans

Extremely Reliable

Superior Performance

BVM Compacta Series

The BVM Compacta Series are the most versatile and fastest side sealing machines available on the market. These machines have the ability to run over 100 cycles/minute (depending on the model/type).

Packaging Speeds

Up to 100 cycles per minute.


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