BVM BMS Series

High-Performance Machines Built to Last

BVM BMS Series are shrink bundling machines
that can run up to 50 cycles/minute.

BMS Series

The BVM BMS Series are shrink bundling machines with the ability to run up to 50 cycles/minute (depending on the version) and offer semi automatic or fully-automatic versions. These machines are perfect for bundling products such as cans, bottles, books, dvds, etc.

Features & Accessories

  • Can store up to 100 different recipes
  • Touch Screen Control
  • Friction Feeder
  • Labelling station
  • Manual or automatic feeding
  • Adjustable film tension


  • Versatile
  • User-friendly operation
  • Quick changeover times
  • Highest production reliability

Packaging Speed

  • Up to 50 cycles/min (depending on machine configuration & product).


  • PE
  • PVC
  • Other sealable, single wound films with a thickness of up to 100 micron
Specifications BMS 6030 H BMS 6030 L BMS 6030 W
Up to 20 cycles/min
Up to 50 cycles/min
Up to 25 cycles/min
Fully automatic
Loaded at right angle
Seal Width
600 mm - 800 mm
600 mm - 800 mm
600 mm - 800 mm
Passage Height
300 mm – 400 mm
300 mm – 400 mm
300 mm – 400 mm

About BVM Brunner

We are the only North American supplier of BVM Brunner, a German packaging machine manufacturer with a world-class reputation for offering the best machines on the market. These machines have long life spans, offer fully automatic package changeovers, are extremely reliable, and provide superior performance to other machines on the market. These systems can also store up to 100 different recipes which allow for extremely quick changeover times from package to package.

Red sport drinks packed in shrink wrap on conveyor of shrink bundling machine.

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