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Cannabis Packaging

Is packaging hurting your bottom line?

As a Cannabis grower/processor in the new and evolving Canadian Cannabis Market, finding the right packaging can be a headache. Your packaging needs to meet strict government regulations, be child-resistant, preserve freshness, and adequately protect your product simultaneously.

Problems We Solve

Although the Canadian Cannabis industry is relatively new, we’ve been in the packaging business for over 45 years and have the knowledge and expertise to help you navigate through this ever-evolving market.

By optimizing your packaging line with our world-class equipment, film, and service; we guarantee you’ll see noticeable improvements to your business.

Slow Productivity

Wasted Materials

High Packaging Costs

Slow Turnaround Times

Shipping Damages

High Consumption

Our Packaging Solutions for Cannabis Growers & Processors

We work with suppliers around the globe to deliver top-of-the-line packaging solutions for cannabis growers/processors.

Shrink Wrap Packaging

As one of North America’s leading experts in shrink wrap, we can’t recommend shrink highly enough.

Whether used as a primary or secondary packaging method, shrink wrap is a great, versatile option for small and large businesses alike that want a tightly wrapped package.

Benefits of Shrink Wrap for Cannabis

Increased Shelf Life

Shrink films are designed to extend shelf life so that cannabis products remain fresh.

Superior Product Protection

Shrink wrap keeps products protected from damage and contamination.

Reduced Secondary Packaging

Shrink films have protective properties to ensure safe delivery so there’s no need for excess packaging. In fact, using shrink films can help reduce secondary packaging by up to 80%.

Increased Branding Space

Printed shrink films provide companies with brand awareness opportunities.

Tamper Evident

Shrink wrap ensures that once a product has been tampered with, it will be immediately evident.

Reduced Shipping Costs

Using shrink film over other packaging methods means that products will weigh less, take up less space, and therefore reduce shipping costs.

Overwrap Packaging

Also referred to as tuck & fold wrapping, overwrapping is a great packaging option for strong-scented products like cannabis due to its ability to effectively seal in scents.

Benefits of Overwrap for Cannabis

Scent Control

Overwrap has the ability to lock in scents, preventing cross-contamination of scents from other products.

Extended Shelf Life

Overwrapping extends the shelf life of products by preventing bacteria transfer.

Tamper Evident

Overwrap needs to be broken in order to extract the product inside and it is difficult to reseal, making it easy to spot if a product has been tampered with.

Flow Wrap Packaging

Flow wrapping involves sealing bags around products to create a horizontal, flexible package.

Benefits of Flow Wrap for Cannabis

Product Protection

Flow wrapping uses an airtight seal which ensures minimal movement and prevents contamination.


A wide variety of products of different shapes and sizes can be wrapped with flow wrap.


Flow wrap provides opportunities for increased branding with printed films.

Blister Packaging

Blister packaging consists of a plastic cavity or pocket with a backing of paperboard or a lidding seal and is a great solution for smaller products.

Benefits of Blister Packaging for Cannabis

Product Protection

Blister packaging ensures limited movement of products, preventing damage or contamination during transit.

Tamper Evident

Since the blister packaging seal needs to be broken in order to access a product, it is immediately evident if a product has been tampered with.


As blister packs contain a transparent plastic cavity, this allows consumers to view products easily before purchasing.

How We Work


We’ll provide an in-depth audit of your packaging processes to identify areas for improvement.


We’ll recommend cost-effective packaging solutions that are most suited to meeting your needs.


We’ll install your packaging equipment & provide you with operator training, maintenance training, and safety training.


We’ll provide you with preventative maintenance, emergency repairs, and any other support you need after purchase.

We won’t leave you hanging

Technical Service & Support


Don’t have the time or expertise to install your new piece of equipment? No problem, we can take care of it for you.

Operator Training

Ensure your new packaging equipment is used correctly and safely with our Operator Training services.


Our Service Team can perform regular maintenance to help extend the life of your packaging equipment.

Emergency Repair

Machine broken down? Our Service Team is just a phone call away.

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